The HypnoFertility programme teaches you how to find that relaxed state which opens the door to conception, whether natural or medically-assisted.

Worry = Negative Self-hypnosis

You've probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to harmful elements. Why then, would you allow destructive habits and thought patterns to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive?

Hypnotherapy = Positive Change

Hypnotherapy transforms the fear and frustration you're feeling into a powerful and constructive force. Unlike typical medical treatments, hypnotherapy can benefit both male and female parents-to-be and can be combined with any medical procedure with impressive results.

Unexplained infertility actually means that there is no physiological reason for a woman not to become pregnant. Although women often feel helpless upon learning this condition, it is actually great news. In the absence of a pathological impediment, most women can be helped to achieve fertility by exploring prior programming or emotional blocks.

Negative feelings, left unexpressed or unresolved, hold considerable energy which can block conception. Unexpressed emotions, such as anguish, guilt or shame often felt after a termination, can create extreme emotional conflict which affects every cell of the body and can cause or compound reproductive problems. Negative self-talk has a direct causative effect on the endocrine (hormonal) system by the direct stimulation of the amygdala, and its interrelationship with the hypothalamus and parts of the brain involved with emotion.


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